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Honestly, I never thought you'd try to do Kirby again, as I used to be a fan of your work and how I started drawing about the HnK series myself. As for your idea to renew the subbing, I'm all aboard and is willing to donate or at least spread the word. I enjoy the appeal and I'm in my early 20s.


thanks for the support! And I didn’t think I would either, but it’s amazing how you feel about silly hobbies when you have a fairly stable job, haha.

I’m not gonna rush into it, I’m gonna do some planning and such and see if I really feel into it.

I know what you mean, been doing a lot more Kirby stuff since I got my first job. I can’t wait to see what you plan to do. Hell, I still remembered making Progress bars for the project when I was young. I wish you a lot of luck on this should you decide to go for this.

I feel like I lost another friend due to my ignorance..

A redesign of Knuckle Joe and two Redesigns of Silica. Went on an RPG based idea about it. Experimenting on making different personalities of the two, I’d started on Silica first as I thought she had little to go by. I see her as being a brains/brawns girl, not fond of showing her smart side publicly. So I’d have her play as somewhat as a tinkerer or engineer and her fancy NME gun is most likely an engineer’s dream to decipher. She’s meant to be contrast to Joe’s brawn/brain style of fighting where he’s not as proficient with technology but more skilled in general combat. Still a mindpuzzle, gonna work on it still. Part of a dump I’m making.

Second photo of Silica showcases small gadgets she built to annoy enemies.

Did something I’ve never done in I think over 10 years: went to Toys R’Us. Felt like a kid again. Even got me a Link figurine.

I’ve been feeling like a damn embarrassment since last night.

Lastly, forgot to mention this, do you know any good tutorials or reference sites for porn?


hmm, well for porn no sadly, but for body structure/type is deviantart and i guess here maybe??? thats mostly where i get references from ‘w’

Much appreciated <3


Ew my birthday is coming.

Super happy birthday, my queen

Went to enlarge Gisela&#8217;s body as I thought it was too small for her head. May alter her arms too. What do you think?

Went to enlarge Gisela’s body as I thought it was too small for her head. May alter her arms too. What do you think?


So as a child I tried my hardest to catch every episode of Right back at ya, because I thought it was an awesome show….so either I missed this one….or 4kids didn’t find it age appropriate enough for child audiences 

It wasn’t too age appropriate to 4kids, I mean c’mon, giant floppy tits?


Custom Kirby 20th Anniversary NES

Created by Zoki64 || it8Bit